Art and Craft of the Film Director Audio Seminar

Are You an Independent Filmmaker?
If you have the passion & drive to be a film director, then I can help you reach that goal with "The Art and Craft of the Director" -  a multimedia, Online audio seminar you can instantly download to your computer.

Art and Craft of the Film Director Audio Seminar

 Packed with over 40 years of professional filmmaking advice from Peter D. Marshall, this 258 page Online course will give you access to 100's of proven insider tips and techniques that will help you become a successful film and TV director.
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"I was co-directing a music video on the weekend and a lot of the advice from your seminar stuck in my head and helped me through the two days. Just wanted to say thank you and that your audio seminar definitely helped a lot, especially the info about director prep and how to work with people."
Luke White, Gravesend, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Peter D. Marshall and just like you, I have a passion for making movies.

I first started making films (on Super 8 no less) when I was 16 years old. I 'd make movies of our high school parties, film my friends as they drove around in their cars and created pixelated animations with model race cars in my basement. 

After graduating from Grade 12, I spent three years in film school (1970 - 1973) and then hit the streets looking for THE job that would kick-start my filmmaking career.

My first professional film job (meaning I finally got paid) was on a Certs commercial in 1974. I was the guy (P.A.) holding the brown paper bag just under the actor (and just below camera) so when the director yelled "Cut!" the actor could spit the candy into the bag I was holding. Ahh yes...those were the days!

 But it is now 2013 and I have come a long way since then.

Directing "Caitlin's Way" 1999

During my 40 year career, I have worked as a film director, television producer, first assistant director and series creative consultant.

I have had the opportunity to work on all kinds of productions, from industrial films to
documentaries; TV commercials to music videos; TV series to Hollywood feature films.

I have directed over 30 episodes of Television Drama and written, directed or produced over 50 hours of documentary and educational programs. (My documentaries and dramas have won, or been nominated for, 14 International film awards.)

But what I am most proud of in my career is the time I spent as a First Assistant Director. Over the past 25 years, I have worked on 13 Hollywood Feature Films, 15 Television Movies, 6 Television Series, 4 TV Pilots and over 20 Commercials.

1st AD on "Happy Gilmore" 1996

As a First AD, I have worked for directors such as Zack Snyder, John Woo, Ed Zwick, Phillip Noyce, John Badham, Dennis Dugan, Anne Wheeler, Bobby Roth and Kim Manners.

And as a First AD, I have had the good fortune to work with such amazing and talented actors as Michelle Pfiefer, Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, John Travolta, Goldie Hawn, Madeleine Stowe, Mel Gibson, Jerry Lewis, Jack Palance, Ashton Kutcher, Kathy Bates, Adam Sandler and Peter O'Toole (yes...I even worked with "Lawrence of Arabia!")

But working in a film career is one thing. Wanting to share
 that knowledge with other filmmakers is something else.

Art and Craft of the Director Workshop in Dubai

I have a love for teaching! 

Over the past 19 years, I created several filmmaking workshops and seminars that I have presented around the world (Canada, Singapore, Dubai.) I have a monthly ezine called "The Director's Chair" (with over 6100 subscribers.) I post daily articles on my filmmaking blog ( and I am a Directing Instructor at the Vancouver Film School.

So because of my love of teaching, as well as feedback and comments from other film makers like yourself, I felt now was the right time to pass on my 40 years of film production knowledge to as many filmmakers around the world as I could, by creating this 258 page insider's reference guide for independent filmmakers, "The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar."

Which leads me to answer the question you are probably asking yourself right now:
if I spent many years as a First Assistant Director, then why should
you listen to me about a film directing course that I created?" 

Good question.

Take a moment now and re-read the two paragraphs above that mention the directors I have worked for and the actors I have worked with. Now combine that with my film and TV directing experience and what do you have: a qualified film professional who has "been there, done that AND got the T-shirt!"

I have spent my career in the "trenches" of the film and TV industry.

I have had the chance to co-ordinate huge WW1 battle scenes, to plan complicated visual FX scenes, manage large groups of extras and direct intimate emotional scenes between two actors.

By having the unique opportunity to work as both a TV director AND a Feature 1st AD, I have been able to get "up close and personal" with major Hollywood studios and producers, exciting and imaginative directors and Academy Award winning actors.

Everything I have done in my career is what I assume you dream
of doing for a living - otherwise, why would you be reading this?

1st AD on "Bird on a Wire" 1990

But the facts are clear. To be a successful filmmaker today, you need to have complete confidence in yourself, an unshakable faith in your talent and ability - and some very good luck.

But faith, talent and luck won't take you all the way - you also need to have the knowledge of what is expected of you when you begin preproduction, when you step on the set, and when you are in the editing room.

So here's my promise to youIf you have the passion and the drive
to be a film director, then I'm going to help you reach that goal.

When you listen to my 10-day film directing audio course, you will not find any theory from outdated film directing books. You will discover only film directing tips and techniques that I have learned from my 40 years of film and TV production experience as a director and a 1st AD.

The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar is a 258 page multi-media pdf eBook packed full of insider film directing tips and tools supported by over 1040 film making reference links, videos and audio files you can download from websites onto your computer. (No CD's, no DVD's, no shipping!)

This 10-day audio program gives you the knowledge and confidence you will need to be a successful film director by providing you with a 'road map' to make the path you have chosen less bumpy.

"Great resource and extremely well done. As a working film professional I am constantly learning more about my craft and honing my skills. Your dedication and work is to be congratulated." Julian Grant, Toronto, Canada

Here are just some of valuable techniques and tips 
you will discover in this 10-day Online audio course:

  • why 'film politics' plays a major role in your directing success
  • why filmmakers need to know about the History of Film
  • the differences between directing television and directing feature films
  • the 3 types of director (which one are you?)
  • 15 places you can find production work
  • 10 ways directors can educate themselves and gain film set experience
  • a list of the film and television director's duties and responsibilities
  • tips from a Hollywood producer on 'what to do until the money arrives'
  • what is expected of a director during pre-production
  • a detailed breakdown of what to expect when directing a 7 day television show
  • why you must know the objectives of every character in your script
  • 20 tips on how to work and survive in 'The Business'  

  • the 2 kinds of movement between characters
  • why actors need to be 'director proof'
  • the differences between the 'super objective' and the 'objective'
  • tips on how writers create believable characters
  • 5 steps to creating scene transitions
  • the main purpose of script analysis
  • the 4 main functions of character personality types
  • the importance of character analysis and development
  • the 3 main qualities you must look for in an actor during a casting session
  • how to systematically break down your script, scenes and beats
  • how to conduct effective script and scene analysis
  • the proper use of camera technique (shots and angles)

"I definitely thought this course was worthwhile and informative.  It helped to flesh out some of my own vague ideas about how the industry of film worked and it helped me to reconceptualize many misconceptions I had about the industry and politics of the business.  While the course alone was worth every penny and minute, the website attachments and ideas for books were an added bonus that provided me with every opportunity to continue to learn the valuable ins and outs of the business. Thanks again." Todd Donnelly - Brooklyn NY, USA

  • the 4 types of actor
  • a breakdown of the biggest mistakes directors make
  • a comparison of television and feature films (and why you must know these)
  • understanding the RDF formula
  • why shot lists should only be used as guides
  • tips on how directors can help actors during the casting process
  • why directors must understand basic human behavior (wants and needs)
  • why 'Truth' is important for writers/directors/actors
  • a breakdown of the classic three act structure (The Heroes Journey)
  • 3 famous directors talk about how to find 'the truth' in your work
  • tips on where writers get story ideas and how they do research
  • 14 script structure elements you need to know
  • the '3 Golden Rules' for film directors
  • the 5 essential parts of blocking a scene
  • 20 steps for developing the director's 'subworld'
  • 6 film editing guidelines every director should know (before they shoot!)
  • the script breakdown formula 
  • 10 tips on how to choose character objectives
  • the difference between Text and Subtext (and which is more important)
  • the 5 sources of conflict (without which you have no drama)
  • a breakdown of character analysis and development
  • how to create the director's visual style/concept of each film
  • tips and techniques on how to block and rehearse actors on set
  • 'The Director's Mantra' (three magic words)

"I have really enjoyed the seminar and have learned so much from all your experiences and thoughts about the film industry. I recently graduated from college (it was not a "film school") and none of my film classes covered anything like what your seminar taught me. Your real world experience and detailed analysis of the movie-making process covered more ground and made so much sense to me; it was the cake when all I'd had was icing. Thanks for all your time in research and preparation. This seminar was invaluable. You and I will probably never know how your lessons will play a part in my life and career." Lauren Morton, California, USA

Here's a list of everything you will receive when you order
"The Art & Craft of the Director Audio Seminar" 

A. 238 page downloadable PDF eBook containing:

1) Links to all the 10 daily audio seminar files (mp3)          
2) Detailed course material for each day's audio seminar
3) Links to all the handouts (pdf files)
4) Links to all the film resource and reference websites
5) Links to all the video references for playback

6) Links to all the book recommendations

B. 26 audio files (MP3) you can download to your computer

1) Each daily audio seminar is divided into two or three audio files 
2) Each audio file can be easily downloaded to your computer so you can play back the lessons on your audio software program without going Online
3) You can also burn these audio files to a CD (or iPod) so you can listen to this course anywhere
4) In each seminar, I discuss in detail the topics mentioned in the outlines
5) I also tell you personal stories and anecdotes from my years of production experience that help to supplement the content of each class

C. 2 mp3 audio interviews (plus transcript notes) with 2 industry professionals

1) Writer/script consultant (Michael Bruce Adams) (12 page transcript)
2) Actor/director (Trilby Jeeves) (9 page transcript)

D. Over 120 links to videos you can watch online, such as:

1) An animated version of the film industry's history
2) An interview with director Ingmar Bergman 
3) Location scouting techniques
4) An actual script read through
5) Camera angles and shots
6) The Heroes Journey in film
7) Filmmaking techniques
8) Fast and slow cutting techniques
9) Blocking a scene
10) The 180 degree rule
11) A brief history of filmmaking
12) How to make it in Hollywood
13) The history of television
14) The 3-act structure
15) The Kuleshov experiment

E. Over 920 links to useful reference websites, such as:

1) The business: understanding filmmaking
2) Learn more about the history of cinema
3) Jobs in the film and television industry
4) Character personality traits
5) What makes a director
6) Free film scripts and screenplays
7) The thirty-six dramatic situations
8) Links to over 1500 filmmaking resources
9) DGA rates for motion picture and television
10) List of film studios and production companies
11) Screenwriting and script resources
12) Learn more about film budgeting
13) Acting resources
14) Rehearsing the actors
15) Writing characters using conflict and backstory

 "I have listened to the audio files and found the information to be confidence boosting and extremely informative. I strongly recommend it to film makers of any level, especially the amateurs, to purchase this course...because it's WORTH a full time film school. Peter thanks for your contribution to the budding film makers. I will be the first person to invest on your forth coming courses." Amar - India

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When you purchase this Online film directing audio
you will also get these FREE BONUSES.
(the total value of these bonuses is well over $300.00)

1) Yearly upgrades to this Online Seminar

- Every year I will upgrade this 10-part course by checking old links, adding new resources, PDF reports, video links, comments and articles. I will then send you the new PDF ebook with all the upgrades - at no additional cost to you! You will also be entitled to any new bonuses that are added.

2) Free 30 minute consultation with Peter D. Marshall

- If you want to discuss a directing project, a film production issue or you just need some guidance, this bonus entitles you to a 30 minute conversation with me using Skype. You just need to email me your questions and then we will set up the best time for both of us to have a Skype chat. 

3) Free script review from script consultant Michael Adams

- This complimentary script assessment is designed to let you know if your script is ready to go as is, needs only a few tweaks, or could use extensive polishing, depending on your goals for the story.

4) $100.00 off any of my Filmmaking Workshops

- This bonus entitles you to receive US$100.00 off the registration fee for any of my workshops that I design and present myself.

5) 30 minute audio interview with a young filmmaker (11 pages)

- This PDF report includes a 30 minute audio interview (2 mp3 files), transcript notes and filmmaking resource links

6) "The Modern Moviemaking Movement" (100 pages)

Useful, no-fluff indie filmmaking information from 10 prominent film industry thought-leaders.

- Jurgen Wolf (Uncover Successful, Modern Screenwriting Tips)
- Norman C. Berns (Find Out How To Make the Most of Movie Money)
- Gordon Firemark (Discover Six Ways to Finance Your Feature Film)
- Tom Malloy (The State of The Indie Filmmaker Union)
- Carole Dean (Get The Inside Scoop On Crowdfunding)
- Peter D. Marshall (Plan Your Production For Maximum Success)
- Gary King (Modern Guerrilla Filmmaking)
- Sheri Candler (Navigate Film Festivals and Do Them Right)
- Jason Brubaker (Sell Your Movie Without the Middle-Man)
- Jon Reiss (The Producer of Marketing & Distribution)

7) The Official 65 Step "Make Your Movie Now" Checklist (14 pages)

- This 65 Step Checklist, written by Los Angeles producer Jason P. Brubaker, is an invalubale tool designed to help keep you on the right track when making your films.

8) 25 Bonus PDF reports (total of 158 pages)

- 1 Chapter from the book, 'The Working Director' (8 pages)
- Introduction and 1st Chapter from the book "The Working Film Director (26 pages)
- 2 Chapters from the book 'I'll be in My Trailer' (35 pages)
- UCSC Pre-Production Checklist (7 pages)
- Movie Magic Scene Order Example (1 page)

- Movie Magic One Liner Example (1 page)
- Movie Magic Shooting Schedule Example (1 page)
- Movie Magic Day out of Days Example (1 page)
- 12 Biggest Mistakes Directors Make (4 pages)
- DGA Agreement: Definitions (16 pages)
- Director Prep List Cheat Sheet (1 page)
- The Script: General Creative Analysis (1 page)
- The Script: Specific Creative Analysis (1 page)
- The Script: Scene Analysis (1 page)
- Other Script Structural Elements (1 page)
- Script Terminology (3 pages)
- Conflict Drama: Victim, Villain or Hero? (4 pages)

- "Chinatown" Scene Beat Example
(4 pages)
- Symbolic Colour Meanings (1 page)
- How to Write a Character Analysis (3 pages)
- The Kuleshov Effect and the Death of the Auteur (17 pages)

- 9 Questions Actors Must Ask (1 page)
- 7 Days Prep - Reference Guide for Episodic TV (2 pages)
- Copy of the original Call Sheet from the 'Gandhi' funeral scene (2 pages)
- 201 Things You Wouldn't Know Without Movies or Television (16 pages)

9) Rex Sikes’ Movie Beat: Podcasts with Director Peter D. Marshall

I have included a link to all the podcast interviews I have done with Rex Sikes for "The Director’s Series." Each recording is 1 hour long - and there are over 23 of them!

10) Extra Bonus Articles (total of 36 pages)

- Michael Adams (Screenwriter): I’ve Written My Script, Now What? (4 pages)
- Elia Kazan’s Speech: On What Makes a Director (10 pages)
The Director/Actor Dance by Mark W. Travis (2 pages)
- The 7-Step Film Directing Formula (8 pages)
- The Actor’s Language: 21 Words & Phrases Directors Must Know (8 pages)
- How to Work and Survive in the Film and TV Industry (4 pages)

"Just ordered the course, great price! I liked what you said about passion and truth, that is the crux of the whole thing and it is  what sold me more than anything about buying this course.  Without those two qualities, one might as well sweep floors or do any other job for that matter."
Pete Castellano - Assistant Dean, Finance
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Arizona

Here is the total investment required.

Because you were referred to this page by, you will be able to instantly download this 258 page online film directing course for the discount price of US$47.00! ($20.00 off the regular purchase price of $67.00!) That's it. No hidden costs - no upsells - no gimmicks. Just US$47.00

And why is the price for this audio course so low? Because part of my mission is to make this information available to as many filmmakers around the world as possible. And by keeping the price low, I can accomplish that mission.

I am very proud of this audio course and I guarantee that if you listen to the entire 10 day audio course, read all the support material, visit the website links and watch the videos, you will discover many of the insider techniques and secrets a working film director needs to be successful today.

So order "The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar" now, and you will receive the entire 10 audio lessons, the written support material and the free bonuses - that's over 590 pages of insider film directing tips and tools supported by over 1040 filmmaking reference links, videos and audio files - for a total investment of just US$47.00.

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I believe so strongly in the content of this course, that I'm offering you a 90 day money back guarantee. If you feel this audio course isn't for you, just let me know within 90 days of your purchase, and I will issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

More Comments and Testimonials

"I want to thank you for putting together this informative Director audio seminar. It is a superb teaching tool, loaded with tips and information. While I have gone thro' the entire 10 daily seminars, there is no way that one can absorb all the details in that short period of time. It will take many weeks to digest this content. You have given hope - that as a screenwriter, I can believe to one day direct my own film projects." Myrna Petersen, Regina, Sask. Canada

"Thanks so much for creating the Audio Seminar, and for keeping it up to date.  This has to be the most comprehensive hub of knowledge on the subject one has ever put together.  You have done amazing research. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experiences in the audio seminar.  It has truly been inspiring.  I will be listening and referring to it frequently for many years. "   Jeffrey Michael Bays, Sydney, Australia

"I got a copy of the The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar and ever since I take it with me all the time. It's become one of those things I jealously keep among my very personal stuff. I listen to a few chapters every time I can on the plane or before going to sleep, and I must say it is a priceless piece of work full of great advice. Thanks a lot Peter and please keep it up because you're doing a great job for all of us wanting to know more and more about filmmaking." Enrico Trippa, advertising film director, Spain/Italy

I talk a lot about PASSION and TRUTH in this 10-day Online course because these are two of the essential ingredients to fulfiling your dream as a successful, working film director.

Filmmaking is a universal language, and no matter where we live in the world, we all have our own stories to tell. If you have a story that has UNIVERSAL THEMES, and you have the PASSION and KNOWLEDGE to tell this story, you CAN make a movie, in your own language, and audiences around the world WILL watch it.

All the best with the course.

Peter D. Marshall

"It was very informative and I enjoyed the odd time out from my usual routine to sit in front of the computer and get away to a place of infinite discovery."  Patrick Wilson - Sydney, Australia

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